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As a baby photographer  ( and a new Grandmother), I understand that babies are notoriously unpredictable about when they choose to enter the world; so I make it priority to be as accommodating as possible. Provisional bookings can always be shuffled around, but if you have not booked a slot, then you may miss out on those early precious moments – and as every Mum knows, babies grow up fast, and those special early days can never be recaptured.


Newborn poses are only achievable with babies between 4-14 days old. At this age their tummies are not too full, they are generally very sleepy (which makes them easier to pose), and they are able to curl up just as they did in their mother’s tummy. This makes it the perfect time to get those amazing adorable posed shots.


A session can take anywhere between one and a half to three hours. We allow plenty of time for feeding, comforting and changing.

Parents or Grandparents can sit back and relax in the studio and watch the session unfold. You will always be on hand to help pose and relax your baby into position.


On the day of the shoot, please keep your baby awake for as long as possible and feed when you arrive at the studio. With a full tummy your baby should settle more easily into a deep and relaxed sleep, enabling those great creative poses.


Newborn session are well worth the extra effort, you never get that precious time back. The newborn baby stage is over almost before you know it, so let me capture those first special moments for you to cherish forever.




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